Bose Connect App for Windows 11

Install Bose Connect App on Windows for Free


With the Bose Connect for Windows 11, manage and access your compatible Bose smart devices wirelessly through a user-friendly interface. The application effortlessly syncs your Bluetooth devices to create a stress-free experience of playing your favorite tracks and customizing audio settings.

Music Sharing

Share music with other listeners by connecting multiple Bose devices simultaneously, while the Bose Connect app on Windows 11 ensures seamless output and volume adjustments. Embrace the joys of sharing your favorite tracks with friends and family, as Bose Connect makes it remarkably effortless.

Firmware Updates

Keep your Windows 11 with Bose Connect devices up-to-date by receiving timely firmware updates directly through the application. These updates enhance performance and introduce new features, ensuring the longevity and optimum functionality of your devices.

Installing Bose Connect on Windows 11

  • Step 1: Visit the Microsoft Store
    Open the Microsoft Store on your install Bose Connect on Windows 11 PC or laptop and search for the Bose Connect app using the store's search bar.
  • Step 2: Bose Connect download app for Windows 11
    Locate the Bose Connect download for Windows 11 in the search results, and click on the "Get" button to initiate the download process. Allow a few moments for the app to download and install on your device.
  • Step 3: Launching the App
    Once the installation is complete, navigate to the "Start" menu, find the Bose Connect app, and click on it to launch the application. The app is now ready for use on your Windows 11 device.

System Requirements

Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 11 (32-bit) Windows 11 (64-bit)
Processor 1.0 GHz 2.0 GHz or faster
RAM 2 GB 4 GB or more
Storage 300 MB 500 MB or more
Graphics DirectX 9 compatible DirectX 11 compatible
Internet Connection Required for updates High-speed connection for optimal performance

Install Bose Connect App on Windows for Free